Sunday, December 2, 2018

How to Use Blue Color Font In WhatsApp Using WhatsBlueText New

Fancy Text Generator Pro #FREE

Fancy Text Generator apps were already on play store. WhatsBlueText is an unique cute font Keyboard Application to write stylish fonts in a fancy manner.

 We have come up with a best text art app called WhatsBlueText. It is a the much awaited fancy text generator to Write Stylish Blue Color Font in your smart phone.

 It has a 25+ different fancy font styles that makes your conversation more beautiful and cool. Blue font is included for the first time in any stylish font application on play store.

NOTE: We are not sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with WHATSAPP messenger INC. 

NOTE: This blue font styles only supports on Android Devices.

Key Features 

-Blue Color Font (large).
-25+ different cool stylish fonts styles.
-Instant Preview of Fancy Fonts
-No need to integrate with Third party app.
-Tap to copy feature.
-Send Stylish text directly as message
-Easy to use.
-Support cross platform feature on all fancy text style (except Blue Color Font)
-Multiple sharing options available
-Support almost every ANDROID device (No Root Needed)

WhatsBlueText is specially developed for those who love creativity and fancy keyboard app.It gives you fun blue coloured font to write stylish messages in chat on instant messengers. 
You can also use this amazing fancy font generator app while using any of your favorite social media Applications (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) or while chatting with friends on any instant messaging services (Hike, BBM or Whatsapp)


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Friday, November 30, 2018

Make Ultimate Videos with Lyrics

Make Ultimate Whatsapp Status Videos with Lyrics - My Video Status Maker is best app to make lyrical video song with your photo and video. You can make 30 sec video status in 1 minute.

This is an animated video status maker application You can easily create for your video many beautiful and attractive animated effects. My Video Status Maker has something new concept you can make lyrical video of your own beautiful photos. has large lyrical video song library, you can select your favorite video and create one romantic song in 1 minute
It's a field that is booming right now, people love to make lyrical video and share that video
 on social media..


Add your favourite partical system, rain, heart, rose leaf falling, flying bubble,
Easy to use and user friendly UI.
Many beautiful and attractive effects for video.
Very easy to use: download video song, add your photo, adjust photo using fingure, render it.
Select a song of your choice from collection of songs.
App has larger library of video song
You can apply text, text color, text size and different type of text style.
Add sticker to video with : love sticker, couple sticker, heart sticker, and many more.
Create your video status in more unique way by using your photos in video with Music.
Powerful status Video Maker.
Support all android device. allows you to pick your favorite pictures and add your favorite song lyrics from collection of songs. 
Share your video status on social media.
Video Songs Status are available in short size with the best quality.

What’s Inside?

- Small Size : small size video download, so save your internet data and save your mobile memory. 

- Trending Video : We currently offer video running in the market. So you can put a trending video on your social profile.

- Add Photo : You can add your photo on video.- Quick Share : Expeditiously share short WhatsApp video Status on popular social networks.

- Fast Download : WhatsApp in diminutive size and best quality.

- Smart Search : will help you to get search results from various video.

- Status Downloader for helps you download Whatsapp photo images, GIF, Video download.

- Something New Everyday: We’re updating our platform daily, you will get a perfect dose of latest WhatsApp video status to share with your friends.

Get it on Google Play

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Android studio Facebook video downloader Project source code









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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Facebook Video Downloader Android

Video Downloader for Facebook is the easiest Video Downloader app to download and save videos from Facebook.

source code coming soon

Video Downloader for Facebook allows you to browse through your Facebook account, your news feed and your friends/pages walls using a built-in browser that allows you to select the video you want to download and save them so you can watch it later and share it with your friends via different apps.

How to use:

1. Click on Browse Facebook.

2. Login and browse your wall.

3. Play the video you want to download.

4. Click yes to download video.


1- Easy to use.
2- Safe & light weight.
3- Allows you to save videos to watch them later.

source code coming soon


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Friday, November 23, 2018

Follower Plus Instagram Auto Follower Booster

Boost you get real followers and likes for instant.The Best followers assistant.


-Free followers
-Free likes
-Active followers
-Mega followers

Why other user followers grow so fast?
How is followers growing?
How to get real followers ?
How to make you get more likes ?
How to make yourself popular ?

Yes, join us, there are tens of thousands of popular tags for you in our tags library, we also have smart tags, use them when you post, you will find surprises.

With our tags, your post can attract more likes and have more followers.

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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Android Studio Create A Simple About Me Page Using html and css

Android Studio Create A Simple About Me Page Using html and css

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1)  Open Your Android studio Project 

2)  Create A Asset Folder

In left slide bar

 Right click On res folder  and select  New  >   Folder   > Asset folder

3)  Right click on asset select new > file

Enter your file name  sample.html

4) Create  a new activity

Right click on app folder  then        new > Activity > Empty Activity

This name it as  about Activity
5)  Open Activity_about.xml 

Add this code

6)  Open your MainActivity java class

Add  This code

7) Open your About me Activity java  class

Add this code

8) open assets folder
open sample.html file

Add this html code
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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

How To Generate Signed Apk In Android Studio

How To Generate Signed Apk In Android Studio For Publishing & Updating App

How can I generate signed APK in Android Studio?

If you have completed developing your Android App and now wants to publish it on Playstore. Then the first step you need to take is generate signed apk in Android Studio.

In this tutorial I am going to discuss how to generate signed apk  in Android Studio for publishing new App and also for updating existing App on Playstore.

Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to build and click on Generate Signed Apk

Step 2: Now you will need to create Keystore path. Click on Create new…

Step 3: Now locate key store path in your system where you want to save jks file of your project. Click on … to locate the path.

Step 4: After locating the path from your system. Give any name to the jks file that will be created and click ok.
Step 5: Fill the other details and click ok. For example you can refer to the image below:
Step 6: Click next.

Step 8: Now edit the destination folder of signed apk file, choose build type and select signature versions. Finally click Finish:

Important Note: Regarding signature versions, you can consider V2 because it offers faster app install times and more protection against unauthorized alterations to APK files. If you face any problem then you can consider the traditional V1 signing scheme, which uses JAR signing.

Step 9: Now you can use this signed apk for publishing app on Playstore via your developer console.
Important Note 1: After you generate signed apk, it is very important to keep jks file safe and secure. If you lost it then you won’t be able to send future updates to your App.
Important Note 2: Make sure to keep Keystore and key password saved somewhere with you. If you lost or forget it then also you won’t be able to send new updates for your App.

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